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As promised, here is a not so brief email to thank all who prayed for and faithfully invested time and God’s resources with us this past year. We would not be able to continue leading and serving others if we were doing this alone. I am praying that both your and my 2024 would be defined by even greater faithfulness and service to others.

The Lord’s provision always meets the Lord’s purposes, and we are thankful for the Lord’s people who pray and invest in Kingdom work with us.

THANK YOU for praying with us that the Lord’s work would continue UNHINDERED.

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To engage with me as I talk with other leaders, address current cultural trends and bring you into live conversations that will entertain and equip you, make sure you are subscribed to the Remant Podcast with Todd Wagner. There are several past episodes to catch up on, a new studio, and lots of new content coming in 2024.

We also are excited to share with you that our friend Erwin Lutzer, former pastor of Moody Bible Church in Chicago, has asked us to join him in leading a trip to Europe this May. Find trip info here. Those who join us will enjoy not only the beauty of that part of the world but also the beauty of the work the Lord accomplished through the Reformation period through Martin Luther and other reformers. We also will spend much time looking at the failures of the German Church during the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich to learn how we can avoid similar evils from rising up in our country and day. I will be teaching on things like Luther’s translation work and what he did to make the Bible accessible to his people, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s justifications for opposing Hitler and the “governing authorities” over him, and reminding you of the example of “the white rose” community’s courageous, sacrificial, and dangerous work that is a model for what faithfulness looks like in our day. We are limiting the trip to one bus so Erwin and I can spend time with everyone on the trip and build a close community of friends who can encourage each other to remain faithful during our moment of testing. Hit the link here to get more info and sign up today. We expect this trip to fill up in the first few weeks of January.

Other exciting ministry beginning with your help in 2024:

• A fall trip to Asia to equip the church and leaders in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China

• A weekly study and fellowship on Tuesday nights for leaders and couples without children in their 20s. Our first topic will be the truth about Spiritual Warfare and what it means to be committed to being “strong in the Lord and the strength of His might.” This generation of future leaders is sorely lacking biblical literacy and understanding and as a result is plagued by despair, anxiety, discouragement, purposelessness, and is vulnerable to bad theology, false teaching and deceptive practices. This study will strengthen the weak and despairing and raise up a new generation of leaders ready to reach their friends and lead God’s church long after we are gone. Please pray with us for our Gen Z and Millenial friends.

• has a list of coming gatherings for men and we are hopeful 2024 will have us beginning our first gatherings for women as well as announcements related to national networks and larger conferences.

• 2023 allowed us to serve a growing community of Christ followers in the mid Dallas area who are serious about reaching those who have become disheartened by the weakening or dysfunction in churches of their past as well as welcoming others who have never been a part of a community of men and women serious about God’s intentions for His people. We believe 2024 will lead to a hiring a lead pastor for this community and helping them identify Godly leadership and formalize their commitment to be on Mission together. If you are not faithfully living as a missionary in Dallas or growing to the fullness of God’s intention for you and want to join other men in “aspiring to the office of overseer” (1 Tim 3:1) or as a Godly women committed to be “faithful in all things” (1 Tim 3:11) you can send an email to and others will follow up with you. If you live outside the Dallas area and want to talk with us about how to start a similar community in your city let us know at

• Finally, Lord willing, we will be adding a full-time team member with administrative gifts as well as formalizing Matthew Lopez as our 1613project Director - you can learn more about Matthew here. He will help us as we broaden our efforts to equip, encourage, and strengthen others. Others are eager to join the team and will be able to as friends like you join us in building out this work. Please pray for us as we finalize hires which will provide some much needed help and leadership gifts to the and team.

We are thankful for you and your shared passion and investment. Keep going and let us know how we can serve you.
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